Just moved to Düsseldorf and looking for work.

I have just moved to Düsseldorf and am looking for a job,I am living near to the Japanese area, any help as to what to do / go?>

Hello mrleemiller

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In which field are you seeking employment?

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Hi Kenjee,

Saw your post and I'm also looking for a job somewhere in Dusseldorf, Koln, Essen.
But somehow since I'm not EU citizen so it would be quite difficult to get a job.
Do you have any advice?

thanks in advance

Hello nurarinahafizah

You can place an advert in the field you are seeking employment in our Jobs in Dusseldorf section.

Do you speak German?

Expat.com Team

I do speak German but not that fluent as I told you right now is in B1 class German.
Oh okay I will post it up. thanks :)

Your qualification?

Hey ! did you have any luck in finding a job ? I am also looking for a summer job / volunteering .  :D