Move to Düsseldorf

Hi every one,
i would need some opinions. I started to consider a option to move to Düsseldorf from Slovenia.

As probably every one I am worried about the job. Currently i held a position of a BAU support manager and test coordinator in IT sector- card management with 4 year experiences in.  And obviously something similar i would like to do also in Germany.

- how important is the school education to get a job? Ss important or is more important have the necessary experiences?
I don't have school education in IT.  I have a degree in Transport Technology at Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport,and what  know on IT i learned at work and self training through books and internet courses.

- Can some one tell me if positions like described are common and is possible to get a job for them?
In Slovenia not so much unfortunately.

- Is some one able to give me some approximately salary for those kind of positions?

I already started looking on some pages for jobs to get an idea but i would really appreciated some suggestion and opinion from some one in same sector or with similar experiences go through.

thanks a lot in advance

Helo ancapomaranca.

Welcome to! :)

These articles on Work/Labor market in Germany may help.

Hope other members will be able to guide you.

Thank you,

As far as I heard, in Germany education is all. But to be honest, I think if there is a profession where there are exceptions in that rule it must be the IT sector. I know at least one guy who have made it really far without any education at all.

I wish some people from Germany would answer to you as well, because I myself moved here like week ago as well, so I can't be sure how is it over here. :)

Thank you masik. I hope that i will find something :)


Why Düsseldorf ?

In Germany, education is important but experience is more important.

So, if you have 4 years experience in IT it's a real plus in your CV.

And since you don't need a work permit, it's easier to find a job.

Good luck ;)

Why Düsseldorf?
My boyfriend has lived there for many years. And he is kind to go back.
We went to visit it in September and i fall in love with the city, the atmosphere and possibilities which in Slovenia I will never have.
Where I live is not really a place for good job opportunities. I should move to the capital but I don't like it.

Tomorrow i am starting with German classes to get at least some basic knowledge of this language.
After that...we will see how will go :)

thanks for your post