Red-White-Red Card for Canadians

Hi All,

I'm a Canadian with a job offer for Salzburg, so I'm really excited! I'm just about to apply for my RWR card and was wondering if anybody has gone through the process and can maybe help me out. My biggest question is the residency requirement because I don't have a place yet and probably wouldn't get one until I show up. Any suggestions?

I was also wondering about the proof of health care requirement since it was my impression that I would be part of the Austrian system when I start working, but I'm thinking it's easiest just to get a year insurance and learn from there.

Lastly, did anybody from Canada/USA/Australia have to get certificates to prove their English knowledge to a B1 or B2 level (another requirement for the points system)?

I'm open to any suggestions or information you may have about the process. If/when I arrive, we could totally go for a beer!

-Kris with a K

Hi Kris and welcome to!

Hope that other members will soon share their experience with you.

Fingers crossed,

Hi Guys,

it seems that this is the hardest question to answer for Austrian residency. I have exactly the same questions.

how can you do the Evidence of locally customary accommodation while you are offshore.


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