Kennels or dog sitters in Haarlem?

Hi, I am trying to find a kennel or a dog sitter in Haarlem (NL)for my Jack Russell, to take care of him during Christmas Vacation (1 week)
It would be great is somebody can give me a hand or advice on this topic.


Hi Felicia78,

Welcome to! :)

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Hi Felicia, welcome on board, I hope you enjoy your life in the Netherlands.
You maybe could try the Yellow Pages (if they are still excist) or the gemeentegids Haarlem.
Or just google "dierenasiel Haarlem "

Good luck!

Hi Felicia,

I have also recently moved to the Netherlands and am looking for a dog sitter to take care of my 2 dogs during the Christmas break. Did you manage to find anything? Hope you're enjoying the Netherlands!



Hi all,

You can also try the "house sitting" (google it) It's not so expansive as you would think and the moment you talk about two dogs it'll be cheeper than the dog hotel etc.


Thanks to everybody, I'll try house sitter for my jack russell.

did you find any kennel in Haarlem?

No never did... Trying the dog kennels.

Ok :)! Thanks!

Hi Felicia!

Did you find already a dog kenel in Haarlem?