hey fellow you Ubud people,
I am a 22 year old Australian have been here awhile now living with my fiancé I'm looking for a job doing basically anything from office to fix it kind of stuff please contact me with a PM if you know of anything around :)

Kind thanks

Bernice Glare

To work legally in Indonesia, you'll need:

A valid visa
a work permit

Thanks as the post says I have been here a while so I have done my research I am looking for a job not information regarding legalities but thank you all the same :)

Hello Bernice Glare.

You can post an advert in the Jobs in Bali section. It can help. :)

Thank you,

oh geez aussiehj , wish i would take up that one lol ... but i dont have a work permit :(

Should I fly to bali from Jakarta HJ? :)

Hj I am speechless and disgusted my post was addressed to UBUD people. I have found a much better solution to all of this now and I wish you all well in Jimbaran.

Warm regards


Nice Place to work but You must to find its even though is tough