5 good reasons for living in Micronesia


if someone asks you the best reasons for making the choice to live and stay in Micronesia, what would be your top 5?

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Top 5 reasons why – in that order:

1 – It's a crazy place, there is always something that'll happen to you.

2 - It's an untamed land, a wild frontier of the world: setting the bar for outdoor adventure is entirely up you.

3- It's living in HD, Micronesia is a where the views defy the unreal fantasies in your wildest dreams, there is no coming back. 

4 - It's about as far as isolation goes, the accessible end of remote, for starting over or just for the challenge, it's a hell of a voyage.

5 – It's tropical, the food is tropical, and the weather is tropical, and it rains a lot.

Top 5 why not – not necessarily in this order:

1 – It's far, it's small, even tiny and you are your own source of entertainment, two words: Island fever.

2 – It's slow, time stands still, there is never a need to hurry but it can be excruciating.

3 – It's expensive, everything is just as or more expensive than where you came from, and generally a lot of things are hard to come by. 

4 – It's a full time hassle, if you don't take life with a smile you'll have a heart attack.

5 – It's the perfect combination of heaven and hell, a utopia and anti-utopia, the social development setting is distressing.

I have a potential job offer at $35,000 a year salary in Micronesia. Is it enough to cover my living and housing or Medical costs? It is a Govt job.

Try this website for cost of living www.numbeo.com