I am Looking for indian cook Thailand

Hi, I am from India, I would like to know about cook & cooking
Indian Specially in Thailand

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Can you please be more explicit?
Maybe you could ask more specific questions so that we can help you better.

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I just want to know about Indian in Thailand/Bangkok
what they do ,where they live,their life style that's it

you need an Indian cook or need to know how to cook Indian foods ?

Do you know any Indian chef shearching for job of u have plz contact me

contact me at ***
I know good indian cook

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    I'm travelling from Chennai to Bangkok on an official trip for a month with 4 of my colleagues. Most of us are vegetarians and are quite anxious about food options there. I'm eager to explore the  option of employing a good Indian cook for a month.

Please let me know if you know anyone.


Good morning!

I'm travelling from Chennai to Bangkok with 4 of my colleagues on an official trip for about 20 days. Most of us being vegetarians, I'm quite anxious about the Veg food options there as we would be staying near Srinakarin area.

Saw your post on this thread.

Do you know of a good Indian Veg Cook who can deliver to us daily for this period?

Please let me know.


There are plenty of indian vegetarian restaurants in that area. A quick Google search found them online.

Hi Stumpy,

    Thank you for your reply. But most indian restaurants are in the Sukhumvit or Silom area and we will be staying near Srinakarin, which is quite far.


Srinakaran road has such restaurants. I would suggest that you check out the immediate area where you are staying after you arrive.
Does your accommodation have good cooking facilities.Will be difficult to find a cook for a month. A lot less hassle to eat out.

Thank you very much for taking your time and reply.

Will do that.

Thanks again.

There is a homestyle Indian food outlet  in the srinakarin area that does delivery.  I know they have a monthly delivery rate that is very cheap and they have taken orders in the past for veg food to be delivered daily to people on a Jaini diet.

If you have not managed to make arrangements as yet you can contact them

Is there any indian cook available or any indian tiffin service restaurants near ratchadapisek area. Looking for recommendations. Thanks.


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Have you tried to find restaurants on the tripadvisor??

@dknight009 Hello I am looking for Indian Cook who can manage to make Indian Break fast, lunch and dinner for 20 peoples both Veg and Non-Veg.

Also i am looking for long term.

Hi, my mom is a great Indian cook but please share more details such as the location. Thank you!

@Mplacement I'm indian cook my whatsApp ********

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