Areas of Bangkok with English speaking foreigners

Hello.  I am trying to learn of known English speaking expat neighborhoods in Bangkok, where there are a number of  English speaking foreigners living in the community / neighborhood.

Can you please share with me where there are communities or areas of Bangkok that have higher percentages of foreigners living there where English is their native language?

My wife and I are living in Chiang Mai currently.  We are English speaking foreigners. We'd like to move soon to Bangkok and we would be best situated if we live in a area of the city where there are a higher concentration of English speaking foreigners living around us.

Thank you very much for any help or direction you can offer.

When I lived in Bangkok, my preference was the Ploenchit area and the various sois that extend off of the main road.  To be honest, it sounds like you might be happier in one of those active retirement communities in Florida, like The Village, which has been in the news recently.  They even have pickle ball. ;)


Thanks for the Ploenchit suggestion!


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