Hello everyone :)

hi i am just new to this blog i hope to find new friends that live in austria or want to live in austria, i have visited austria  in the past a few times already and loved it so much! A vert beautiful country austria really is i saw much and many of the areas of austria .. maybe we can help each other too with information needed for this to become possible i am a very friendly person and love the not so boring life i love life.. so i hope i meet new people through this blog thanks :)

Welcome to Expat.com claudiasanders.;)


I am Vivek. I am from India, but from last 1 month I am staying in Mondsee, Its near to Salzburg.
I like this country and people. People are nice and co-operative.
I am taking german lesson now. I am working for pharmaceuticals.

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ph - 0043-660162 1512

hello :) i have also been to Salzburg a very nice place
is great you have work there good luck with all

Hi Claudia,

Im an expat too living in vienna. Yup it is a beautiful and peaceful country and were glad were here living proof that vienna is one of the best cities in europe...

Have a great day.


Hello Claudia!
Welcome and good to have a new member around :-)