I would like to connect with people before I get there

Hi! My name is Geraldine and I am currently living in Los Angeles, CA and planning to move to Austria next year.
I would like to connect with people before I get there since I have never been to austria before.
Any suggestions what to look forward to?
Thank you!

Hello there Geral79,

Welcome on board  :)

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Hi Geraldine,
We look forward to having you here :)

Where abouts in Austria are you planning on settling down?

Welcome Geraldine
It would help to know what part of the country you plan to settle. 
Regardless, try to learn as much Deutsch as you can before you arrive, but then be prepared for people to speak it slightly differently due to regional dialects.
Good luck with your move.

Hi dear I ma a 25 yeas boy,you also i wish to go to aus,but no idea how to do it,plz can you help me?

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