St. Poelten

Is there anyone that lives in Sankt Poelten?

Hi and welcome vermontlover

I noticed you posted 6 years ago. Did you finally move from the USA to Austria? I've not noticed anyone posting from St. Pölten, which kind of surprises me as it is the capital and largest city of the State of Lower Austria. It is a city I have yet to visit (after living in Lower Austria for 9 years, I think I had better.) But I am slowly visiting more and more places in this wonderful country.

Expat Team

Unfortunately I have not moved to Austria.  My husband is from Sankt Poelten.  We visit there every two years or so because his sister lives there.  It is a beautiful, very picturesque city.  Like a fairytale.  I absolutely love it and it feels like home to me.  I would love to live there but my husband has become very Americanized and has no desire to move back.  If you get the opportunity, you really should visit there.  The main streets are closed to traffic and the streets are cobblestone and it's just beautiful.

I just love the whole of Austria 😁