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We are moving to MAuritius in December and will be needing to hire a nanny to help out at home with my toddler (I am pregnant with our second) and eventually stay on when I decide to return to work.  Can anyone answer the following questions for me please;
Approx what is the salary range for a nanny?
How easy is it to find someone reliable and responsible?

Thanks - any info would be fantastic!

Hi and welcome here,
Where are you going to stay in Mauritius?
Your answer might help if anybody knows a reliable person to present to you.

PS: Funny -> you're coming from Dubai and I'll be going back there in a few months time!!!

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Hello Feeacer
We will be staying on the west coast I think.  My husband will be working in Coromandel.  We arrive on January 2nd so we trying to find accomodation and details or hospitals as I am pregnant and will be having my baby in Mauritius.

Hello BroninDubai,
I'm personally sorry not to be able to help you if you're going to live on the westcoast as I am living in the North but I'm sure there will be some helping people here in the forum to give you useful information about the subject.
All the best and welcome in Mauritius

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