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hi.. do u know any recruiters who hiring indonesian like me ?? i did try apply trough those web... but it wasnt help me much or maybe coz im still here in indonesia... is somebody can help me out there???

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also if you could share the consultants list that would help people more..

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Not at all ! Who is it???

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I am looking for job as a sales assistant or salesman. I have experienced for almost 7 years in sales.
Hope you help me guys. please send an email at xxx


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Hi everyone,

@ Francis, please drop an advert in the Jobs in the United Arab Emirates section of the website. You will be able to create your cv. If an opportunity arises, you will be easily contacted.

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One more list:

You left out  Its a good site for Jobs

you may also want to check this job site out:


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Thank you for taking the time to post all these links! Very useful informations!

Hey there! you need to travel to UAE you will get employed Inshallah

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For jobs in AJman (UAE) pls click the below link...

Hi all,

Does anyone here have contacts in banks or IT companies in Dubai? I'm working as a IT Business Analyst in India and looking for an opportunity in Dubai.

Will send you a pm to inbox.

If i get anything that u may want i can send u

Hi Robert
Yes please, if you can assist, I will be really grateful.

Hello mam,
My name is tarun and I am from india  and I am graduate and I will want to find jobs in dubai field called sales related  so how can I find jobs plz give me some guide plzz
Thank you.

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i need a job kindly assist

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Guys,  very few new jobs posted during last two weeks, whats going on?
For example, If we compare it to October-November postings we will see a big difference.
I heard that February-March is a good time to find the new job, I hope they are right !!

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Is it possible for iranian people to find any job via these sites?

Apparently its a bit difficult getting a job while outside UAE , most especially if you are in Africa

I think these job webs are not us-full in UAE . could  any one have idea to get job in UAE??(other better option )

Any one  can help me to find out jobs other country as well ...i am from india have 5 year experience in restaurant manager after finish my MBA from UK, have being here ,UAE, 2 month .

which country is better to get job and visa ??

This is very helpful. thanks!

Good information for job seekers.

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