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Another jobsite for the list:


Hello, thank you for such a long list !!! ;))
Was wwonderingwhat is a basic salary? There is jobs where they ask you to state how much you want to earn. What is the best amount to ask if you want to have a decent life? I mean to at least live on your own and use pblic transport on daily basis. I am a recent graduate, so I have mostly customer service experience and I am fluent in English and Lithuanian. Is there a demand for Europeans? Thank you and sorry if it's too much to ask ;))

[at]Jurgita i think live here is expensive and as a beginner in Dubai you can ask between 8000 till 12000 as An European Foreigner ..wish you always the best
Please don't hesitate to ask any advice any time

another great website is  - 

found a great opportunity through there!

very useful, thanks! I have a friend who is moving to Dubai next month, so she will definitely use this info.

Oh thx a lot Mr. Sandman, I was in need 4 those infos.

Iam aged 49 having 24 years experience in logistics in India. Is it possible to get a job in  UAE. Or I need to come  to DDubai and try. Csn anyone help me.


this is really helpful. .
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Thanks, will certainly check them out!

Look into industrial and oil &Gas exp.

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No reviews or reply. Folks please help ?? Thanks. .pls reply my above query. ....

here is another site:

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thanks for this list. I may add or for people who are searching for a job. they can search companies and email them directly. this website can help Good luck to all

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i will be coming to abu dhabi on 19th...i will be glad if you can help me out to get a job in oil and gas ,coming to have training in NEBOSH at GTC

thx for this information.

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Here's more,
Check listings online at,, and,,,, and

Check the following sites too:

Here is another website:


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Thanks. :) Can I request for a list of Free Zone job sites though if you guys have.

Anybody tell me please where I can work with cultural studies speciality. The links given in this thread lead only to the websites where technicians are needed. Moreover, there is no job for unexperienced workers.

Can anybody help me to find a new Job as urology Consultant in UAE? or an Agency which can helpfully this regarding ?

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I Found a great Job in UAE through Job Search Engine

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Happy Job Hunt

Atene :

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I would need some additional information: my bf (structural engineer) is currently looking for a job in UEA and so he started sending his CVs to the companies. One of them has responded that he should re-enter the application through Recruiting Company’s internet page. As we figured out, this service would cost USD 95… Is it usual to pay some fees for recruiting companies or are there any free of charges?

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They say some companies charge job seekers for fees, but for me that doesn't sound right and it didn't happen to me when I was trying to find a job through

Thanks for the info.
I have a Legal background with nearly 10 years working experience in the Legal / Global Business (Offshore) sector. Looking for a challenging career within the UAE, I have been applying for numerous legal positions via Totallylegal / etc etc etc. but with no positive response to date.
I shall try again..

I Found a great Job in UAE through ( Job Search Engine

Where you can find all jobs in uae, or actually all jobs in GCC

Happy Job Hunt

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Has anybody ever found a job through useless website Bayt ?

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