Job in USA

I'm selected for the green card, I have a question:
Is difficult to find a job in the United States?
I'm a computer engineer.

help me

Hello Salimlah.

In meantime, you can download the PDF guide in United States. It can be useful.

Thank you,

the job market in the usa now is not that good. however, you got a good career,I hope it won't be that difficult for you. check out jobs at google, they usually have a bunch posted. a friend of mine got one with them that way. good luck to u.

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thank you for your help and your attention

I use Indeed dot com better than monster imo

I am not yet in the states, checking job opportunities from here.
How possible to find a job while i am far overseas???
Friend of mine saying it is so difficult! I have to move first to the states, then look for a job!

What you think?

@Salimlah: I found to be best for technical jobs. amazon (in Seattle) is hiring like crazy right now for many positions.

@NermeenElBehery: I agree with your friend. finding a job from overseas is probably harder.

Thanks to your attension Vroni--good to hear harder, lol--at least not possible.

Will do what i can so.

To Salimlah & Aureliez; that is very true the USA guide is very usefull.

Just red it today, gives you directions about basics with simple introduciotn.

thanks NermeenElBehery it's really usefull
thanks again