Secured GEMS teaching position: Anyone familiar with the ACOMMODATIONS

Hi All,

So my wife and I are moving to Abu Dhabi in August of this year, as she has secured a teaching positon at Sheikh Zayed Private Acedmy (via GEMS/Teachaway).

Although we have been told we will be situated in the city, with a 2 beedroom furnished apartment, the other details will not be provided to us until June/July. We're extremely interested to know where we'll be living, and what the quality of the acommodations will be. To be fair, we're both easy going, and don't pay much attention to the small details... In other words, we're not pessimists!

MY QUESTION IS FOR ANYONE FAMILIAR WITH GEMS ACOMMODATIONS; are you aware of where they may be situated in the city?? Are they nice flats?? Again, we'll be receiving this info in due time, although we would like to find out sooner rather than later... I've scoured the net, with no luck... Any details someone may have would be really helpful!

If you don't have any info on the acommodations, any info on the move over would be helpful as well, as its getting close to our move date, and we're both REALLY excited to come over!

Thanks guys!!

Well I'm not sure about the GEMS accommodation, but generally speaking the apartments out here are of good standard, and they tend to take good care of expats. Plus as you are moving here with your family you'll have a larger apartment, and the one's I've seen are pretty good.

As for Abu Dhabi its a brilliant place to live. I moved here from London last year, I came here thinking I'd stay for a couple of years, and now I dont see no real reason for me to return to the UK. But you will just need to be patient cos if you arrive during early August then you will be arriving during Ramadan, and there are some rules you need to comply with, such as, not eating or drinking on the streets until the locals have broken their fast...and you'll see nearly all food outlets remain closed until after 7pm. But once Eid comes by and the fasting season is over, the city really will come to life.

Welcome to Abu Dhabi, if you need to know anything else, don't be shy to ask, the people on are very good at assisting.

Take care.


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