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Hi - could you provide me with a thumbs up or thumbs down for this school please for two children ages 10 and 13, currently in years 4 in primary and 7, first year secondary. 

We have lived in the ME previously so are not all new to these parts of the world and the Arabic language, customs etc although Saudi would be a ahem new eye-opener . . .  We also have experience of both the PYP and the British Curriculum although we prefer the more internationally minded PYP/MYP/IB. Our children represent both genders and we are interested in a co-educational schooling environment, therefore have had to eliminate the King Faisal School for the moment.

Other alternatives seem to be the British International School and the American International School - if the fees are similar to the first two . . .

I would appreciate feedback please - the children are high performers and I myself have two postgraduate degrees in Education to give you an idea of background.  I am looking for the best school option for the family please.


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Realy I don't have any idea about these schools .

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Hope that you'll be given some tips soon.;)


Thank you for the welcome!  Let's hope someone will be able to shed some light :)

Hi All,I have a question regarding western school,I have two children to go to elementery school,my son is in grade 9 and my daughter 2 year probably to pre school ,both my kids never been to the middle east they are studying in Canada,I assume the American school will be best choice for them ? how much will cost per child per year? can some one give me and advice I have no ideas about schools here, and what school they should go to?they speak no arabic,only english and french.Thanks

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