Is British license valid in Saudi Arabia ??

Is British license valid in Saudi Arabia ??

Nop, it's not.

If you are a visitor, you can use an IDL.

If you have got a resident visa, you may use IDL for the duration your iqama remains under process. As soon as you get Iqama issued, you'll need to get the Saudi driving license.

is it hard to get saudi driving license though ???

Not hard, but it's a painful process for new learners. I guess you have a brit license, this will bypass majority of hardships involved in the procedure.

Read more about it here: … di-arabia/

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is it hard to get saudi driving license though ???

Having a british License, will save u from all the hassles and u can get u KSA DL in a day only. Subjected to, If all goes well for u on that day !!

Good Luck !!

thanks guys ....
But could you tell me the procedure please for that ? Also, do they follow the same rules as we follow in UK ?

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thanks guys ....
But could you tell me the procedure please for that ? Also, do they follow the same rules as we follow in UK ?

Chk this link, this is the normal Procedure !! :)

thank u guys

I just found this !!!

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You can get licence for 2 years at 80 SAR cash,for 5 years 225 SAR cash and for 10 years 450 SAR cash.
Funnily enough in 1979 I received my drivers licence over the table by simply showing my Sri Lankan licence. It didnt take me more than 10 minutes. No tests, no bloood donations, no eye tests. I didnt even have to fill forms. Just signed it and the Captain at the Traffic Police did the rest for me. Those were the days.
If I have a California Driver's license, do I need to take the driving test or will they replace it for me with the saudi license without a test?
I transfered my British Driving licence all in a space of two hours. With all the steps above done and licence given on the spot. You just have to make sure with a senior officer they are aware you have a british licence. It makes a difference. This was done in the Shamiasy school of driving in Makkah. Thanks#

Hopefully this should work for me as well


I would like to provide a recent update on this post for current British driving license holders wishing to obtain a Saudi license. This can be done very easily and quickly. You don't need to take any lessons or sit a test.

This also applies to some other countries, but I will focus only on British license holders.

Location - Al Khobar
Current driving license - British
Bank account - Riyad Bank
Driving School visited - Al Khobar Modern Driving school (link below)
Medical Centre visited - Al Mana Medical Centre (link below)
Translation Office Visited - (link below)

Step 1-
Make sure you have your iqama from your employer before you start the process.

Step 2-
Pay the driving license fees online.
With Riyad Bank you simply login
choose SADAD bills >
government services >
pay/refund >
driver license >
pay >
issue license

On the next screen you have to put in the duration of your license (2,5,10 years), the cost and the beneficiary id which is your iqama number. I chose 5 years which is 200 riyals. I think 10 years is 400 riyals.

Once that is done and paid, print out a copy of this payment.

Other banks will have a slightly different process, but as long as you know that the beneficiary is your iqama, you should't have any problems.

Step 3-
Go to the translation office listed below. Take your original British driving license and iqama. They will translate your license into Arabic. The whole process takes about 15 minutes and costs 40 riyals.

I went to the translation office slightly to the right of the one I listed, as the staff were more helpful. They have big windows and signs advertising ‘International driving licenses' and there are two guys working there that speak good English and are efficient.

Step 4-
Go to the medical centre listed below with your iqama and sponsor ID (this can be found on your Absher account and is 10 digits long). Tell the staff that you want a blood and eye test. The total cost was 168 riyals. You will have to go and see a few different doctors, which could take a total of 40 mins, but they have wifi and air-con, so it's no big deal.

I didn't have the blood test, as my work ID had my blood type listed on the card, so they just took that as given. If you have an official piece of paper with your blood type on it, take it with you as this could save some time and pain :)

At the end of the process, they will give you a paper confirming you have completed the tests and they MUST upload your documents online. Make sure that you check with them that they have done this, as you will not be issued a license without it. To be fair, the woman at the desk told me before I asked, so I am pretty sure they know the procedure, but please check verbally before you leave the clinic.

Step 5-
Take a copy of your passport (picture page) and iqama
your translated driving license
original British license
original iqama
medical certificate
Riyadh bank license payment confirmation

to the Al Khobar Modern Driving School.

When I entered the building, I turned left into the waiting area where there were about 6 guys sitting down. I headed to the information booths and asked the guy in the booth what I should do if I wanted to get a Saudi license. I played the ‘help me I am a foreigner card, and it worked…this time' :)

He asked for my papers and then realised that I had everything ready, so he graciously filled in the form for me (it was in Arabic, obviously). It took him about 5 minutes to do this and at the end he said ‘Come back tomorrow morning at 8 am to pick up license'. I thanked him and left.

Make sure you take a pen with you and some recent pictures. He only needed one for my application.

I don't know if everyone will be as helpful, but on a ‘normal' day when people are working at the reception, someone who speaks English might be able to help you, but if you can take a local with you to assist, this would be beneficial.

Step 6-
Go back to the driving school with all the same documents from the previous day. Get there at 8 am, and when you enter the building, turn right. Here you will show your documents to the security guard, and he will gesture you to go to one of the far left windows to submit your documents. The man at the window will take your documents and may ask if you have uploaded the medical details online and paid for the license. Show him the payment and confirm the medical information has been uploaded.

Then, take a seat and wait about 20 minutes (this was my waiting time as there were only 5 people ‘in front' of me).

A guy, or a security guard will then come out, call your name, and you collect your Saudi license.

Halas, as they say!

This entire process took me 5 days, simply because I did it step-by-step. However, all of this could be done much faster, and this is the reason I wrote this post, so that you know what to do.

Yes, you can get the medical and translation done at the Driving School, but I didn't know this until I got there, and to be honest, the whole process wasn't that difficult, so it's your choice. However, be careful with the cost.

Driving school … 9713?hl=en

Medical Centre … 4415?hl=en

Translation Center … 0557?hl=en

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