Who is holding a multi-entry business visa (6 months)

Hi guys,

First of all, apologies to my wrong topic.

I was going to delete this topic and post another one but couldnt make it.

Anyways, I wanted to say that I am super bored here in Riyadh.
Apart from the tall buildings and some nice coffee shops, there is almost nothing else you can do.

Being new in this city might be the major reason of my boredom.

Anyway, I am looking forward to making nice friends to hang out soon.



Hey man - you are correct!!  There is not much to do in Riyadh but it does give you the opportunity to meet other people.  :)

I have met some good folks from here and I am sure you will too.

And to answer your topic title - I am on a multiple entry business visa with a 6-month duration of stay.  :)


me too on multiple 6 month exit-re entry visa. and as i said before there are plenty activities for expats. in my previous posts, i wrote about the expats clubs available for those expats that are feeling bored. its a good way to meet ppl and if ur ever interested in breaking the boredome u can always pm me for suggestions.

Thank u guys for the suggestion.

Honestly, I dont know how long I ll be staying here in Riyadh, as I need to fly to Istanbul to get a new visa.

But, I will find the ways to get rid of my boredom as soon as get back here.

Hi Umut

Welcome to Riyadh kardes:P;)

& Please also tell me if you need any information

Take Care

Merhaba Willie28,

Thank you for that. Sure I will let you know whenever I need help/info.

Btw do you speak Turkish? If yes, how impressive :)


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