Buying property in Morocco


can a foreigner buy property in Morocco?

If so, is it complicated? What is the process of purchasing a property in Morocco?

Any tips for buying property, such as a check-list of items to verify ?

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Yes a foreigner can buy property in Morocco. Many of the properities in Marrakech for example are owned by French citizens. That's why Marrakech real estate is uo the roof.
The first step to buying property in Morocco is to choose your property and then secure it by paying the “holding deposit”.
At this stage, it is wise to appoint a lawyer who is fluent in your language so you fully understand all the legalities and exactly what is happening.
You will then be expected to sign a 'Sale contract' in the presence of a notary. You will then be required to pay the full amount due before completion (usually 40%).
When the property is ready for occupation, you and the developer will sign the transfer of property and you will then be required to pay the remainder of the price (60%), the stamp duty and other fees, including notary fees.
At this stage temporary certificate of ownership will be issued by the notary and when all the paperwork and legal requirements are completed, the title deeds will be issued, (this normally takes a couple of months).
Taxes & Fees Payable on a property purchase
Land registry fees: 1%
Registration fees: 5% if property is sold within 5 years, 3% after that period
Notary fees: 1% to 2% (based on the purchase price and set on a sliding scale, these fees are levied at the Notary and paid to the relevant Government department or Local Authority)
Notary tax: 0.5%

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I was reading the blog about purchasing real estate (houses) in Morocco. I am interested in purchasing a home in Fes. Could any one speak to which financial institution are best to open an account with? Preferable online. I figure it would be good to have an account to establish credit history in order to apply for a mortgage loan.

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the banking system is  very backward here society generale i have found to be good for me

Sure i think there's no problem at all.

If you want a website of buying prtoperties annonces i can tell you between particulares: Marocannonces com

When you buy the notary is responsible for checking the act of the property from A to Z and you have not to worry at all.

Even for the fees for registring the act of the property and the fees of the notary are not expensive and much cheaper comparing them with the other european countries.
If you need any other help you're welcom.
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The best bank establishement for me and where is my account is Banque populaire.
I find it the best because it's every where when i turn right or left i find a popular bank agency with an automatic stop and that's important.
Beside that there are no so much fees to pay for the account management.
Welcome i wish you a good luck

Thank you I will contact them to see if they will open accounts with individuals overseas.

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