UK Citizen Moving to Portugal

As a UK citizen experienced in teaching , can I find work as ESL , English teacher in Portugal ? Has Brexit effectively banned British teachers from working in Portugal?

@Klmeermpt666 Brexit didn't banned UK teachers from working in Portugal. The market does that. English is a widely spoken language and there isn't a shortage of English teachers. However, you can always try and apply for a place at private school or teach online.

@Klmeermpt666 As Nia says, there was no ban like you describe as far as we are aware. We have a friend who runs an English teaching school in Évora for instance, and regularly sponsors visas for them (native teachers can be a personal preference for students or in this case a school, each to their own given yes there are teachers here like Nia says). You can add me as a contact if you'd like me to connect you, as I don't want to publish our friend's details publicly. Hope this helps! - Elizabeth