Re-Entry Permit (Thailand)

As a Non Immigrant OA Visa 1 year with Multiple Entry (Thailand) Holder.

  1. Do I need to get Re-Entry Permit when I want to travel to neighbour countries such as Singapore, Vietnam etc... I do not think I need Re-Entry Permit as I have Multiple Entry but not 100 % sure.
  2. If I travel (after staying in Thailand 60 days) to neighbour Countries such as Singapore and Vietnam and come back to Thailand,  When do I have to do 90 days reporting. In other words does my first day re-starts when I have come back to Thailand ?  Thank you so much


1) correct if you have a multi entry no need to ask for re-entry

2) 90 days start counting at date of arrival

@martinoo2002 Thank you so much Martin. Have a great day


Yes what wrote martinoo is correct but one advise: when you hand the passport to immigration officer at arrival let him know you have that kind of visa already, sometimes they don't check and think you come as tourist 30 days.

@Maxi Mari


I ALWAYS check the stamp and the date until I am permitted to stay which is the end date of your visa

If you don't check and they write the wrong date, you are basically fooked and are at the mercy of your local immi office,

which is not always good

I recently changed from Non-O Married + work (nothing to do with immigration) to Non-O Married at local immi, different station

To my surprise they wanted to see the cancellation letter from IEAT (Industrial Authority) Luckily I had it on the PC

and yesterday they called to show me a copy of my cancelled work permit, needed to bring it yesterday as well and'

my under consideration stamp is on coming Friday 02.02.24

The funny thing

a) my new Non O marriage is not asked based on work/income but bank balance

b) than here is the fact  that the work permit is owned be and should be kept at, the company you work

So I wonder why they need that information.

Again I had a copy of my work permit on the PC so I could provide. Being a senior manager I had access to the work permit, but most expats

will never see the work permit unless requested for a reason, such as bank loans and residence certificate

I can only imagine that now living in a coastal area they do not see a lot of Non O married based on income

Hundred years ago I filled in information about my (very dead) parents and had to do that now again.....same for the THAI wife (even more funnier)

I needed to provide 2 witnesses this year and next year 1 witness

In 25 years of Visa's (O or B) never needed a witness, in 3 different offices including Bangkok on 3 different locations

Once again, you cannot be prepared enough for the whims of these people, so go timely and ask for the list of documents they want

and do not be surprised, upset or ask why too much as it will not help other than negative during the remainder of your application

@Maxi Mari OK thank you so much for letting me know. have a nice day

@martinoo2002 We just love Thailand so much don't we ? Thanks for the info. have a great day


Yeah, but I would not consider to live anywhere else....but.. never say never