Where can I send my CV ?

@Julien Hello, my name is Abel, I am from Spain, I currently live in Seebach (Thuringia), I am looking for a job in Berlin in a logistics warehouse, it can also be in Norway, Ireland, Japan or Korea, I do not mind traveling, I like work, I hope answer and where I have to send my CV, thanks

@Abel Noria Martin hola!!!

que idiomas tienes?

@_Miki_ Intermediate level English, Spanish (mother tongue), with a degree in computer science, warehouse management and a higher degree in electronics and electricity, I will finish the contract shortly and I want to look for options to start working as soon as possible, I don't mind traveling write me : ***

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@Abel Noria Martin Julien is the site owner and lives in Mauritius.

You will not find a job on this forum, but lots of advice on how to search and apply for one - which you should read and follow!

Please do not post personal contact details again: This can be abused and is thus disallowed by the forum rules (which you agreed to when signing up).

@beppi ok, but i need job , i need answer so soon, i cant wait , in need to know what can i do , who talking directly, contact directly , where i send my CV ,ypou undestand me? how ca in found job?i need to prepared now for a get job , house... ok? thanks , sorry for the incovenience but im little worried about that , i need job now,  there are many work web pages and I'm tired of searching and searching and searching, I need answers and someone to talk to directly, not fill out forms and forms and forms,

@Abel Noria Martin Job search in Germany is a slow process and needs lots of dedication. Sorry, but if you cannot accept that, you are in the wrong country.

You will not find a job - and neither "somebody to talk to" on this site. Neither will you find a job by saying "I need job now" - no employer is interested in what you need, they want to know what you will give them. Thus I recommend you focus instead on which skills and experiences you bring. And as for direct advice, you may contact your local "Arbeitsamt" (labour authority).

Hello everyone,

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@ Abel, you can create your CV in the Jobs in Berlin Section.

You can also search for jobs on the few websites listed in the Working in Berlin article.

Plus, since you are already in Germany, please follow the advice of Beppi and get in touch with your local labour authority.

All the best


I agree with Beppi that it is all about what one has to offer not what they want. And begging here for a job is meaningless, we offer advice, nothing more.

The OP claims to have learned many things which is of course good but expecting to find a job in Germany, Norway, Korea or Japan without knowing the local languages is likely futile. Knowing English is often good in addition but not often as an alternative to the local language except in some very specific niche jobs.