Up Up And Away

Just received my latest Meralco bill.

Wow . . . P12.02 kwh

684 kwh


I know you others not using Meralco pay higher kwh.

Our kWh peak at AKELCO (Aklan) appears to have been in November.  The last two bills have fallen a bit.

₱13.5686  Aug

₱15.1160  Sep

₱15.0511  Oct

₱15.3504  Nov

₱15.4116  Dec

₱14.5313  Jan

₱9.6204 was what we paid per kWh in Nov 2019, so it's steadily gone up over the past few years.

Wow, that really is quite a lot (in my experience).

The most i paid here under PERALCO (Pampanga) was about 7,400.00 and that was back in September.

The least amount i paid for our bill was 2,400 just last month.  I presume because we were getting our Aircon units serviced as they were out of commission for 2-3 days, that this greatly contributed to the lower bill.

its always a fun guessing game to see how much the next bill might be as it seems to fluctuate anywhere between 1,500 - 3,000 pesos in difference when our usage habits don't change all too much month by month! 1f615.svg