Electric bill/Heating oil

Just recvd my 1st electric bill. It covers from the 5th Jan to the 20th Feb. Total bill is euro671.00. Checked the meter reading and they are correct.

I have also spent euro185.00 on heating oil :-(

AND I have never expected to feel so cold in Cyprus lol

At this rate I will not be able to run the A/C in the summer and will spend my time in the pool

Electricity here is expensive ....We ve been using our inverter ac units a lot and would expect our bill for Jan and Feb to be less than €250 incl the gov discount...

Maybe consider an inverter pool pump frequency controller . They arent difficul to fit and then later remove and gives much more accurate timing and pump flow with power savings to boot ..that saves a lot .... And if you decide to buy here invest in inverter ac... Best thing we have ever done .... We dont use any gas or other forms of heating.. highly controllable and very reasonable to run... Controllable via app if WiFi enabled units or with the remotes supplied

Luckily the gov discount subsidy is set to run now til end of April...

Have you checked your supply to the house .it's not uncommon for a rented.property to be supplying another house close by ... We had this problem in Malta and it does happen here..... Turn everything off and I do mean everything ..and check to see if the meter is still running......

Or see if you can get the EAK TO CHECK YOUR METER

what are you running in the house ?  That looks like approx 35 units a day for 7 weeks.how many units are on the bill?.... 


hi Phil,

what size property are you running? We have just bought a traditional stone house 2 bed and are just working out costs etc.

Do you have solar panels / battery banks etc?

many thanks,


The bill was for 1023kwh. The a/c is all old units so probably not inverter. However, 1 just blew up so the owner needs to install a new one so I will ask for an inverter unit.

There is only 2 of us living in a 3 bed. 2 bed rooms we do not use so these are not heated and a/c is not running. Pool has a timer and is running for 1 hour in the morning and another hour in the afternoon. No PV panels. I did forget to turn the electric water heater off a couple of times :-/ I need to buy and install one of the TimeGuard boost units. Other houses are a way away so would not expect them on my supply but I will check by switching everything off. Both near houses are unoccupied at the moment as they are back in the UK. Working from home means we do run the heating a/c or oil as it has been colder than I imagined and the house really does not get warm. Perhaps living up in the hills north of Tala means we are colder and the wind is definitely blowing a lot.

What is the older discount you mentioned?

So approx 20 units per day..... There should be a discount on the bill it's a government subsidy to counter cost of living crisis over winter recently extended to end of  April  it varies depending on consumption...to a max of I think €68 per bill ..it should be an itemised negative sum set against your bill.....

Older units are very expensive to run a and you being higher up It will be much colder in winter ..but in summer it will also be cooler than the extreme heat at lower levels.

We have a 2bed apartment and only the two of us but bedrooms are heated morning and night .... Living room dining room open plan and quite large and ac running best part of 6am to 10pm each day at 23-24 degrees on heat low fan speed about 25-40% and not in automatic ...as auto in my experience so far seems to double the consumption....

A 2hr running of pool pump is probably ok for winter but in summer depending on pool size and numbers using it you probably need to run it 5-6 hrs daily.... Better to run pool pump all in one period of time than breaking it up in to smaller periods of time ..... But if its working for you with good pool readings etc then leave it .

I have a 3-bed apartment on Limassol sea-front with 4 AC units... last summer I got a shocking 700 euros bill. But it's for 2 months with lots of cooling, so I suppose it's not really so bad.

Sadly .. if you want heating and or cooling we must pay for it one way or another..  we made sure we installed the best ac inverters we could afford and its all we have for heating and cooling. We do keep a gas fire and bottle just in case we have a power cut in winter... But for us we rarely get a power cut  that impacts upon us that bad.. am so pleased.. they work well ... Very efficient...

We as yet don't know what our bills are going to look like, but the 2 bed apartment we are buying has VRV (Multi split) system so from reading up, seems like this may be a fairly economic system to run?  Am I right in thinking it works better if left to run on a low setting continually and only in one room - or is it a case of run in the room you need it.  We'll be on a small complex so communal fees will cover the pool costs.

@Sam&Bob depends if they are inverter units ..

Many complex pools are closed.. due to not having the appropriate licensing and lifeguard availability (unaffordable) as all complex pools are regarded as public if used by more than one family.. and as public they must currently  comply with rules and legislation from 1992 they have not  been amended or  updated...

@Toon yes I know about the long enduring 'public pool' issue and the EU notice about reclassification of small complex pools to Type 3 version.  Our apartment is literally steps away from the municipality Town Council but our communal fees are steep (€2k pa) so I'm hoping this complex has sorted it's licence out.  But awaiting sight of the communal fee breakdown from our lawyer.  Of course all the agents showing us properties seem to brush over the pool closures saying that as long as the signage is in place then you can use the pool....I will wait and see!  Currently the pool has been gated off and I believe those still using their apartments as rentals are advertising 'use of a private pool'....perhaps they've found a workaround??? Also not sure how this will affect us as the apartment we are purchasing does have full title deeds (from July 2020) so hopefully this means the complex has been signed off with full compliance....hopefully anyway!  I've also asked for sight of the minutes of the most recent AGM as I understand that as owners we should be invited to future AGMs held by the committee.  If all else fails, we have room to instal a jacuzzi/hot tub in the rear courtyard area so at least we'll be able to cool off in the summer months :)

You do realise that the committee members are liable for anyone using these pools..and the committee act on behalf of the owners and every owner liable for the fines..no matter that the signage is in place... However unlikely it is to get caught .. enforcement is almost impossible .

It's not just a licence it's mechanical and electrical compliance toilets and showers available for men and women .. but the killer is lifeguard availability during hours of operation.. probably €15k per annum pl er lifeguard ... and without that I doubt a licence can be issued ..

I say this as we are in that same boat .... Been through all this over the last few years

@Toon yeah I know....here's hoping they may eventually 'resolve' this issue but not holding my breath.  Last I saw was some discussion about the law being reviewed back in 2016....but nothing since

6 yrs and still nothing ....local petitions have hit a wall....

This was from 5 years ago

https://cyprus-mail.com/2018/09/23/pool … -business/

Its ridiculous..