Why I Moved To Spain.

I sold my house in the UK. I always had a dream of living in either Spain or Portugal. As soon as I sold it we were in the the first lockdown. The travel ban was in operation. I had to wait a long time for the ban to be lifted. I was paying rent for a tiny bedsit flat, very expensive and in a bad area. I soon realised it was actually cheaper to stay in a hotel room in Benidorm than sleep in my awful flat. People told me "You can't live in Spain, it's too hot out there". " You can't live in a caravan". "You are not allowed to live there now, you will be fined and deported by the Police" . "You will be back in the UK in a few weeks time...". All very negative indeed.

I bought a one way air ticket to Alicante, packed two suitcases and put my documents in a briefcase. Off to Stanstead airport I went! I had never been to Spain, I knew nobody there, I did not speak any Spanish. From the first day I just loved it! The excitement of lively Benidorm, the sun. And the most wonderful thing of all about Spain: The Spanish people!

I booked three weeks in a small family run pension in old town Benidorm. Lived on take away food mostly. Searched the Internet. Within two weeks I had bought a mobile home. A fantastic private residential site. Really nice people, I have many new friends here. I now have a visa application in process.

A really good move.


@sawyersart873 fantastic I wish you every success!!


First of all, congratulations on your bold move. Are you of pension age or younger? I remember moving to a new city because of work, a city where I knew nobody and an unknown geography. Did that about a dozen times so far.

The opinions you got, which you call very negative, I see them differently. They're warnings to protect you from some undesirable consequence, that's all. They show concern, experience even. Not all criticism is negative, so we should be more inclined to listen. We may end up disagreeing and moving ahead, like you did.

Alicante is not too far from a city I want to visit as a future landing spot: Valencia.

I wish you all the good fortune in your new place.



Welcome to the expat.com forum and many congratulations on your successful move to Spain!

When did you move to Spain?


welcome and congrats on your home purchase!  I bought an apartment for my son and I then another one to rent as an investment property.  I love it here (40kms north of Barcelona.  Sun, beach, welcoming people, positive environment…