Retiring to the Ostuni area

I will be retiring shortly to Puglia, specifically around the Ostuni, Cisternino, Carovigno, and San Vito dei Normanni area.  I will rent before I buy, and I'm looking for a good agent that can assist me on this.  I have done a lot of research on the area, but I would love to hear from folks who live in the area, the good and the bad.  Thanks Mark


So now we're into October .. how's your search going?

We just got back from the area a couple weeks ago and are thinking of doing the same.

We are considering doing the same but unfortunately need to wait 8-10 years to go.   


That's a bit away!

We are looking within 2 yrs.

I live in Calabria, near Soverato, a small hill town named Petrizzi.  Allot of paperwork, and nothing is done immediately, be patient.  if you would like more information send me an email then we can exchAnge phone numbers.  Good luck.