The cost of Living in New Zealand in 2023

Hello everyone,

As every year, we invite you to share your experience on the evolution of the cost of living in the region or city where you live in order to answer future requests for information from new members of the site who would like to move there soon in New Zealand.

In terms of accommodation, how much does it cost to rent/buy a flat or house in in New Zealand?
How much do you pay on average for public transport (bus, metro, train, tram, taxi)?
What is the average price of your monthly food basket?

How much does health insurance cost? How much does it cost to see a doctor in New Zealand?

What about school fees for your children?

What is the average monthly cost of electricity, gas, water, internet, telephone?

What is the average cost of your leisure activities?

If there are other expenses that you think are useful, please share them!

Thank you in advance for your future contribution.

Mickael Team

Regardless of the City you are in New Zealand has become ridiculously expensive in last 12-18 months.

I live in Hamitlon City and here are the details of the current day to day expenses.

Accommodation: From $480 per week to $650 for a 2 BRM to 3 BRM average house. (Units are cheaper)

I don't use public transport, but it is currently half price because of living cost crisis and is just $1 to travel with in Hamilton

I normally cook at home and groceries are the worse affected commodities. Groceries are almost 1.5 to twice expensive now. On average a person will need about $60-120 Groceries/ week

Health Insurance is about the same and varies a lot..

Seeing a doctor is about $20 to $100 depending on if you are a resident or enrolled or not in the clinic you are seeing.

Schools are free except if you want to send your child to a private Character school.

Electricity: $100-300 per month

Water: Free in Hamilton

Internet: $60-80 / month

Telephone/Mobile: $15-30 for basic plan

Leisure activities are hard to put into an average cost, but there are plenty of free activities here.

In short statement for New Zealand in 2023 is:

"New Zealand is a Beautiful, (was) peaceful country, but things have changed in last 12 month. It's now crime ridden, Shooting, killings, gang wars, robberies are common. Inflation is super high; Rents are super high, and salaries are low as compared to other similar countries. Poverty, homelessness, dependance of state welfare is ever increasing now"

It won't stay like this, and definitely situation will turn around for good in near future, but this is what it is at the stage in 2023.

Gourav, It breaks my heart to hear this. How do you think things will turn around again and how did this happen? Thanks for your reply in advance Donna3

Hi Gourav,

I want you to be right re: your post about NZ changes in the last 12 months. ("It won't stay like this, and definitely situation will turn around for good in near future"). You are right, 1yr is not that long and the

situations can be addressed and handled, but if it is not, a whole country can be absolutely ruined. NZ is too

special to let this happen. Can you let me know what your hope is to see things turn around? Take Care, Donna3