Heating Fuel oil

I might need to top up my heating oil and was wondering if there is much of a difference in prices depending where it is bought from. I am in Kamares Village. What is the current price and does that include delivery?

Can't help you on this ... all I can suggest is speak to the various branded  petrol stations

The other half is on FB 'ask anything Paphos' and someone there gave her details of a app named FuelCY this shows all the prices of all types or fuel and the garage locations. Really good and useful.

Yes I've posted it before on the forum.

Lucky I have some 20lt jerry cans as the min qty they deliver is apparently 100lt for some and 300lt for others. I popped them in the car and topped up so hope 40lt will last for the next month until the warmer weather comes. We did have hail stones for a short period today :-/