New members of the Japan forum, introduce yourselves here - 2023

Hi all,

Newbie on the Japan forum? Don't know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country,
or to tell us more on your expat projects in Japan if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

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I'm a Zimbabwean aged 38 years.i would like to seek some vacant post on mechanical maintenance fitter in mining or industries.

Hello sittholendiripo,

Welcome to!

First of all do you speak Japanese?

For more information, you can read the Living in Japan guide for expats. The section Work in Japan will be particularly helpful to you.

Do not hesitate to start your own thread on the Japan forum if you have any questions.


Yoginee team

@Julien Konnichiwa!

I'm Genalyn .I'm from the Philippines and currently living here for 4 years now and planning to live here for a long time .I'm an English teacher btw .


I have seen parts of your conversation but it looks like it not in any way possible for any help for a person from Uganda to get a job in Japan

Hello awyrus,

Welcome to!

I have seen parts of your conversation but it looks like it not in any way possible for any help for a person from Uganda to get a job in Japan

I think this will largely depend on which sector you would like to work. The tourism sector and language schools are considered a major source of employment for foreigners.

For more details, you can read the Working in Japan article.

On another note, in which sector would you like to work?

Yoginee team

@awyrus hello! Konnichiwa from Japan.

As an expat here we try to share our experience but still getting job here depends on JP rules and law and also to your home country.Mostly no direct hires.

Anyway may I know your expertise?I suggest also to check employment agencies there that has job orders bound to Japan if you are in Uganda now.


My name is Mehdi, I come from belgium and I am in Japan for more than 4 years now.

I decided to join this forum because I would like to share experiences about living in Japan as foreigners.

I am also a pretty sociable person, so feel free to add me as friends and lets talk together,

It is nice to meet you


Hi my name is Andrew and I'm now living in Tokyo with my wife Carol. Both kiwis ( New Zealanders) having lived in Australia, Switzerland, Canada, China  and Singapore.

Working  for a German Company in the Medical and Safety arena.

Would be interested in meeting more kiwis in Japan.

@Mehdi EM welcome to JP forum🥳


Back in Tokyo soon for spring. I lived in Japan over 20 years - self employed but away since Covid. Also manage an international outdoor club as Japan has some of the best countryside for activities in all seasons. 'Outdoor Club Japan - OCJ' for those interested in tagging along.

Hello. Im Jonathan. I live in Paris with my partner, who is German.  I was in Kyoto for 2 months in 2022 to improve my Japanese, which I've been learning now for about 4 years. We intend to be back again this autumn, and would like to find someone who would like to swap one of our appartments (Venice or Paris) against something in Kyoto at that time! My mail is [***] if anyone wants to get in contact! Jonathan

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Hello everyone and welcome on board @SpaceTimeFreedom

Please refer to the Housing in Japan section of the website by creating an advert. We will share it in our newsletter to our members so that you might easily find someone.

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Dear forum,

I am a Vietnamese, born in Saigon but I left Vietnam since 2014 and been abroad since in several countries since then. I am interested in making or participating in some meaningful projects, start-ups. My background is Food technology, nutritional science and microbiology. However, I do have experience in the tourism, hospitality and food services field. As there are a lot of opportunities and potential to grow in terms of professional and career development, I would love to connect with ambitious, adventurous minds. If you want to involve in hotels, restaurants, F&B, or simply have innovative mind in the tech and science field, and looking for a project manager or co-founder, I would love to connect. I am now working in a consulting company about food regulatory affairs in Osaka, Japan. I also speak French, German, Italian, Dutch, and of course currently learning Japanese.

Thanks for your attention.

@upnguyen98 welcome!

Oh I love Vietnam..I stayed there for almost 3 years .



Hi I'm Tyler from America. I absolutely love japan and would like to move there. I don't have any connections there or anyone to ask questions to, so I'm not sure what steps to take to make this a reality.

Hello everyone, my name is James Miller. I've been to Japan countless times for both travel and work. I'm so excited that I am now part of this community. Hope I could learn and provide help to the community. I'm so excited!!! 1f600.svg

Hello and welcome James !

Feel free to interact with members of the Japan forum should you just want to communicate or have any questions.

Where have  you been in Japan ?

All the best


Awesome! Thank you, Bhavna.

I've been to Kyoto, Tokyo, Osaka, Nara, and Nagoya. 1f600.svg


hello to your Excellency:

my Name is Najibullah from Afghanistan and now i am living in Japan ( Saitama) prefecture, i am a medical doctor ( noninvasive cardiologist) in Afghanistan with more than 15 years Experience in my country, it's about 16 months that i am living in Japan i can do Echocardiography , TMT , ECG i am searching medical job in japan

@drnajibullahazizi Hello and welcome !

Are you working right now in Japan or are you there as a tourist ?



@Julien Hello, I'm marc 3d animator from spain. TRyinig to figure how to live in japan!

I wanted to go live in Japan, but I have several problems. Mainly, I'm 34 years old and I have very basic Japanese skills. This implies that it's very difficult to find a job from here to come and learn Japanese. Additionally, since I'm 34 years old, I don't want to set aside my career as an animator, as it could quickly be affected. I wouldn't mind coming for a few months to learn the language and work, temporarily leaving my career. However, I've learned that to properly learn Japanese, you need a minimum of 1.5 to 2 years of daily 4-hour classes, which makes it nearly impossible. So, I find myself in a bit of a dilemma because I want to come to Japan, but if I leave my job for such a long time, my career and future prospects could be significantly impacted due to lack of practice. My brother told me to simply apply for a tourist visa, take a flight to Korea, and return if I want to stay longer, then try to find the solution from there when I arrive.

I wanted to ask for advice based on your experience. Oh! And how it is the cost of live, more or less, in tokio? Thanks!


I'm a Brit living in Italy. I teach English (long time) and I'm looking to work in this field in Japan, in the short-term at least, with a view to working in a different sector longer-term. I speak no Japanese but I have downloaded a couple of books (Minna no nihongo and Genki Integrated Elementary Japanese) and will be looking at some 1-2-1 lessons with a Japanese colleague preceding a departure.


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I'm Fahmi from Indonesia, I have 6 years work experience in IT so I'm casually looking for work in this field in Japan. May there vacancy with no Japanese language needed as I learn them in the process



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