Expatriate to-be in japan from malaysia

Hi, i'm planning to live and work in japan. i'm 22 years old. young to some but i plan to start a new journey of life on my own. i am planning to travel to japan on my own and start a whole new life there, learning the culture and language of japan. everything is still in planning mode right now but i hope i can hear from anyone with experience or maybe contacts in japan that could assist me when the time comes. i have been planning this for a year and am currently working to save up the money required. any heads-up i should know of?

Hi leon kam and welcome to Expat.com!

I moved your message to the Japan forum for better visibility.

I hope other members will share some info with you soon, in the meantime you could check out the Life in Japan guide :)


Hi Francesca, thanks for moving my post to the right page. :)
hope so too some members can share their experience.

*Fingers cross* :)

what is youe expart? what's kind of job you want?

what kind of job are you looking for? I think most companies require japanese language. English teaching job is pretty easy to get though a lot of school prefer the people from America, Canada or UK...

im looking for a job there as a executive driver hope that find one :)