Hi everyone!

Hi, I would love to talk to you guys! :))

Hi and welcome to Expat.com itsLove!

What about an introduction ?


Oh yeah!

Love 25, been in Tokyo for a year and half now but I really want to live in UK!

Currently unemployed since Im not good at Japanese, so trying to look for a job that's English if that make sense..


In what field are you looking for a position?

Maybe you could tell us a bit more about your professional background ;)


November and December are tough months to look for work. Keep at it. As you probably have realized, most non-teaching jobs require around JLPT2. Just being foreign and having the right degree/experience is not enough.

If you want a non-teaching job, tell us your background and the type of work you are seeking.

Actually my decent job will do for now, I relly want to learn Japanese, so if anyone there willing to help? :)