Move to Japan

Hello, not sure if this is the right thread. Let me know if i need to move it. just joined the site as i have decided, after a long time of thinking about it, to try and move to Japan. I'm a chef and have always been keen to live in Japan to learn more about the food.
Idealy i would offer my services as a chef or english teacher. Money would not be important as i would return to my current employer. The knowledge and experience i would gain would be the whole reason for going. But i would need to have basic living expenses paid for or even a very basic wage to cover these things.
Does anybody have any experience of this or know somebody who has done the same?
I'd love to get some info or some contacts as its difficult to know where to start looking.

thanks in advance.

Hello robbarton.

Welcome to! :)

Maybe you could post an advert in the Jobs in Japan section. It could help.

Hope other members will share their experience with you.

Thank you,

its pretty easy to get a job as a chef. A friend of mine found a job in some days. Good luck

Hello robbarton, I was a part time chef at chinese food restaurant in here, If you can work at least 5 hours a day then it will cover very2 enough your living expenses here. but jobs for most of restaurants owned/operated by japanese require a certain level of Japanese conversation ability.
Good luck

It's easy to get a job as a chef in japan, as being a foreigner is a plus over there, they like to experience new cultures and cuisines. as for teaching english I think it's even easier especially if you are a native speaker, there are eikaiwa (english conversation schools) everywhere. try a website like findateacher or its japanese version senseisagasu. good luck !