Hello! Anyone from states living in yokohama

hi guys! just to have more friends here in japan. Even tho im not American but I've been to states couple times and stayed there for years. Let me know where u guys are at! Lol

Hi Apinya and welcome to the forum!

A few more words about yourself maybe?
It might help ;)


Hi Apinya
I'm from Thailand ( and maybe you too) anyway,
I recently live in Okayama as well. Just thought that it would be good if you are Thai but if not, sorry to interupt and good to say hi anyway :)

Hello Angsumalee!! Yes I'm Thai :) I just came here 3 months ago and still need time to adjust to new environment. How long have you been in Japan? Anyways, it's nice to meet u :D

I've been here for a year but my japanese is still poor.
I'll give u my lind id so we can contack easier id: angengna
And there will be some event close to international studentcenter on coming sunday
It would be great if u could join our Thai group ( just a few person) there will be a friend from other groups too.

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