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We are a Finnish-English family from Brighton, England. In March 2014 we moved to Osaka, Japan, for three years without any real prior experience of the culture, people or places in Japan. I write blog about our experience of life and people in Japan, and what faux pas we make and what awkward situations we find ourselves in because we don't know the language or the Japanese way to behave. We love Japan and our experience so far!

Is Osaka okonomiyaki really better than Hiroshima okonomiyaki?

Hi Hailey,
I've never tried Hiroshima okonomiyaki, but Osaka okonomiyaki is to die for.
I suppose, Osaka is not called 'The Kitchen of Japan' for nothing :)

I've never met anyone who has actually tried both.  Each city thinks they have the best, but no one seems to know.  I might have to go to Hiroshima just to find out.


Okonomiyaki means "do it as you like"
So it will never be the same. :-P

Just enjoy it wherever you like the taste.
The tastes are given by the sauce mainly. Okonomiyaki restaurants that has cooking tables are best to visit at winter.

I go to オコノミヤキokonomiyaki restaurant every week durning winter

Hi everyone!

I tried okonomiyaki in Tokyo and japan but for me the one in osaka is the best😊 I suggest you one of my favorite takoyaki in osaka you'll love it guys..



We recently went to Hiroshima, but I didn't try okonomiyaki there, neither did I try it when we visited Tokyo (there is too much good food and to have in Japan!). So, I still don't know which is best :)

I love takoyaki, but I like it best with just salt and mayonnaise.

Are you a marketing consultant for takoyaki?  :P

Gosh I miss J food. Luckily we got some ok restaurants here.

HI GenkiZurich,

Nice one you made my day!😆😄😂 why not..actually I would love to market takoyaki and you'll be my first prospect lol and i make sure you won't say no😂😂😂😛

I'll be the test muncher. Yumm Takoyaki all day!

Outside in hot Japan with some crazy J ska or reggae music hahaha

Have you been in Europe?
Can I get you into Swiss cheese? ;)

Yea been to Norway..sure I  love cheese😂😄

Wow never been more north than Denmark...
I normally go where its warmer than here.

But this summer is so hot!

36C today here.
Guess what. I made cold Soba!

And you are having Adobo?

Wow adobo is pinoy food haha..
Sounds good cold soba..gotta try that here
Summer japan..

;) wow you got me hungry.
How can you stay so fit?
I get round only talking with you!!!

Sorry cooking lunch for my mum.
If you like write me anytime on my mail: ++++

Would be fun to share food pix :)

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