Inflation in Spain in 2022

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In the various media, inflation in Spain is becoming increasingly important. This is becoming a concern for some, with fears of an impact on day-to-day budgeting.

Today, how does inflation in Spain impact on daily life?

Which products and services have increased the most (insurance, shopping, petrol, electricity etc.)?

Have you had to review your budget? If so, what are your priorities?

What solutions have expatriates found to curb the impact of inflation? Did they use specific aids?

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Hi Mickael,

Here in Mallorca gas and petrol prices, as well as electricity and utility bills increased a lot. Petrol is about +30%. As for the central heating, it now also costs unpredictable, prices are jumping. As for the consumer prices, I also pay more (from 10 to 30% in general). Insurance is nearly the same price. Could be useful

Hello everyone,

What is the price of a bag of pellets currently in Spain?

I plan to soon come to Spain to live in Alicante and I would like to know if it is interesting for me to transport my pellet stove even if it will only work very little given the sunny climate of the valence community 

thanks to everyone.


Hi,  prices varies from 700 up to 3K Euro, check it … de-pellets


The things that are most noticeable in daily life are electricity and diesel prices.

Locally in Granada I noticed that the bus fare has been reduced from 80 cents to 58 cents to encourage people to use public transport more and leave cars at home.

With regard to the supermarket shop, eggs have increased a lot over the past 12 months. I am keeping track on this post by doing comparisons Soon I will update again to see how things compare.

@piccavey Thank you for sharing the link. In Mallorca prices are nearly the same, and even higher. [link moderated]

Hi everyone,

As said previously all the basics have increased: electricity, gas, petrol... and of course, supermarket shopping, in some supermarket brands the prices increased almost 40% since last spring for a lot of products, price has doubled in sunflower oil for example. Products for children are incredibly expensive per se and now if you want your regular brands and not supermarket ones it is quite a budget.

Luckily for me I just started a new job but it not the case for everyone...

In spite of that, yes, we had to review our budget and adjust it to prioritize food and basics and less leisure as everybody I think...

Even in South of Spain life is a lot more expensive then a few years ago...

Good luck to you all!!!

I hope we will have better time in a short future...

You might will be aware that the British love there Hienz bake beans here in Malaga today   I saw an increase from €1.10 to €1.75 in Mercadona , that is some increase!

Rio off when when iIt half that price in UK. With only one other Spanish type of tin beans on offer. I also take plenty on Paracetamol to Spain  when they are charging about 2€ for a box of 16 against 40p UK

@pjhenterprise Sorry, check Tesco website.  Beans are 1.20 pound.  Add on IVA and transport costs and the prices are comparable.  Transport for a pallet has gone from 160 pound to 385 pounds including all import documentation etc. and a fuel surcharge Plus you have to pay 16.50  for the pallet because they are heat treated.  Prices are bad in England now.  There is no VAT on food in the UK whereas here there is.  If you want imported goods, they cost