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Everything you need to know to work in Switzerland
Internships in Switzerland
If you want to acquire professional experiences in Switzerland, an internship could be a great opportunity to get your proverbial foot on the door. Also known as a ‘trainee programme' or ‘traineeship agreement', an internship can help simplify the process of procuring an entry visa and/or a residence and work permit. The demand for internships in Switzerland is growing every year, due to the various opportunities available in different fields. Many national and international companies operating across the country are ready to welcome young professionals who are eligible to work in a field related to their competencies. Here are the steps you need to follow.
Finding work in Switzerland
Switzerland's reputation for high wages is definitely one of the things that make this country so appealing to expats. So how do you go about it, starting your job search? It is true that for EU/EFTA nationals the process is simpler but, regardless of your nationality, finding a job in Switzerland's competitive market is not easy. Thankfully, there are many resources you can use.
The Swiss labour market
The labour market in Switzerland is great, overall: Switzerland benefits from great working conditions and an unemployment rate well below the European average. What is more, if you're an EU/EFTA national, you enjoy the same rights and benefits as a Swiss national in the labour market. And even if the labour market is relatively protected, there are still employment opportunities for expats in prevailing economic sectors.
Applying for a job
A job application in Switzerland consists of a quite extensive "Dossier", containing at least:
Setting up a business in Switzerland
Switzerland is known to be a land of opportunities. Thousands of businessmen and foreign investors from across the world travel to Switzerland every year with the aim of setting up a profitable business project there. In fact, Swiss authorities have set up regulations in order to encourage and better monitor the creation of small and medium enterprises in the country. But if you want to set up a company in Switzerland, you should take into consideration the different formalities that can apply depending on your nationality. You should also be prepared to prove to the authorities that you have enough resources to make ends meet.
The work culture in Geneva
The phrase live to work is applicable in many offices in and around Geneva, which can be a culture shock to some foreign nationals. So you better be mentally prepared before joining your new workplace. Here are some tips to help you understand the local work environment.
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