Specialist in intensive medicine and emergencies

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performance in intensive care and emergencies

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Especialista en medicina intensiva y Emergencias

desempeño en terapia intensiva y emergencias


Intensive care procedures such as:

Perform clinical diagnosis on critically ill patients.

Carry out intensive and emergency treatment.

Place nasal and orotracheal tube.

Intensive monitoring and control of vital signs.

Placement of bladder and nasotracheal tube

Minimal access invasive surgical procedures such as tracheotomy, pleurostomies, pericardial senthesis, abdominosentesis and pleurosenthesis.

Anesthesia domain.

Perform Central Venous and Arterial Catheterization

Management of mechanical ventilation.

Carry out rehabilitation treatment

Provide psychological and emotional support to patients and their families.


1- Medical Doctor. 2- Family Medicine Specialist. 3- Especialist in Emergencies and Intensive Care.

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