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Yola Education Joint Stock Company
Fixed-term contract
Ho Chi Minh City
Added on 05/11/2023
Ho Chi Minh City
Added on 02/11/2023
Everything you need to know to work in Ho Chi Minh City
Working in Ho Chi Minh City
Ho Chi Minh City, formerly known as Saigon, is the economic capital of the country. This relatively modern city has a rapidly expanding labour market and many job opportunities available for expatriates.
Ho Chi Minh City's labour market
In recent years, Vietnam has become a hub for expats looking to teach English due to the high demand for teachers. And while people may often assume the primary jobs available in Ho Chi Minh City are within the education sector, that isnt necessarily the case. While teaching ESL is undoubtedly a popular choice among expats of all ages, it is surprisingly not at the top of the market.
The work culture in Ho Chi Minh City
One of the most unique struggles some expats find with moving abroad is adapting to their new country's work environment and culture. While some may not find it a hard time transitioning into the foreign company culture, its not always a streamlined process. There are a few aspects regarding the work environment in Ho Chi Minh City that expats should be aware of prior to their big move.
Working in Vietnam
Anyone thinking about working in Vietnam is in for a treat. Compared to many Western countries, Vietnam's workforce operates in accordance with an entirely different range of customs and traditions. We have compiled the most recent information on the Vietnamese job market to familiarize you with the job-hunting process.
Setting up a business in Vietnam
Foreign entrepreneurs from across the globe have been landing across Asia for decades. In August, Harvard ranked Vietnam as one of the top six fastest-growing nations in terms of its economy in 2023. Stop watching from a distance and learn how to set up a business in Vietnam.
Working in Vietnam as a digital nomad
Vietnam is emerging as a new popular destination for digital nomads and downshifters. As the prices in most Asian countries are slowly rising, Vietnam remains in the favourable low-cost niche while offering all the needed facilities for working remotely.
Ho Chi Minh City
Added on 02/10/2023
USD 30
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