What are the do's and don'ts when networking in Melbourne

Networking etiquette in Melbourne
Updated 2023-05-14 11:40

Melbourne is an incredibly attractive city that draws people from all over the world, including expats and international students who often choose to settle in the city long term. With its laid-back lifestyle, city beaches, foodie culture, and exceptional coffee scene, it's not hard to see why people flock here. However, once you've made Melbourne your home, it's important to work on expanding your network to fully take advantage of all the city has to offer.  

Networking offers the opportunity to connect with business opportunities, friends, like-minded individuals and valuable professional connections. It could lead to exciting job opportunities or new friendships with people who share your interests and passions. As an expat, you're at a slight disadvantage compared with born-and-bred Aussies, so it's important to put effort into building your network early on.

Networking opportunities in Melbourne

Networking can provide great opportunities for people who are new to Melbourne. Attending business and social events, meetups, and seminars are excellent ways to meet new people, expand your knowledge, and build your network. For example, Melbourne Business Network holds regular networking events and offers a platform to connect with other professionals from various industries. The network has over 600 members, including entrepreneurs, start-ups, and established businesses, offering a unique opportunity to collaborate and create new business relationships.

Another great networking opportunity in Melbourne is through professional associations and organizations. These groups provide a platform for professionals to connect and share knowledge in their respective fields. For instance, the Australian Human Resources Institute has a Melbourne chapter where HR professionals can attend regular events and connect with other professionals.

In addition, there are several coworking spaces in Melbourne that provide an ideal environment for networking. These spaces allow you to work alongside other professionals from various industries, providing an opportunity to connect and collaborate. One such coworking space is The Cluster, which offers networking events, workshops, and business development programs.

Lastly, social networking platforms such as LinkedIn and Meetup are great places to connect with like-minded people in Melbourne. These platforms allow you to search for groups and events that align with your interests, providing an excellent opportunity to meet new people and expand your network. To expand your social circle in Melbourne, look for events that involve an activity you enjoy. This way, you'll have the best chance of meeting people you'll get along with. It's also a way to get more out of the experience and build stronger relationships.

Melbourne networking tips


When attending networking events in Melbourne, it's important to be friendly, approachable, and maintain a degree of professionalism. Share your business contact information and try to establish a relationship of reciprocity and equality. Focus on building a relationship, and don't just focus on what you're looking for. If you're seeking professional advice or assistance, it's the least you can do to return the favor if necessary. Make sure you pay attention and don't focus on yourself or what you are looking for. The same goes for social networking, be warm and remember that this is a two-way relationship.

Be honest and open

Always be approachable, honest, and trustworthy. If you are networking for social or professional reasons, your openness and integrity are your assets. One of the worst things about building a new relationship with someone is getting off on the wrong foot. Distorting the truth or covering up a situation will get you nowhere.

Remember that Melbourne is a "small" city, and the last thing you want is to build a bad reputation. Even if you are unsure of what you are doing, always be genuine and upfront about it. People are always willing to help someone in good faith. Even if the person you are talking to can't help you, they may recommend you to someone else if they like and trust you.

If you are looking to build your network in a professional setting, keep the discussion relevant. What are you trying to accomplish at this networking event? How might this person help you professionally, and what can you do in return?

Look out for yourself, too

Moderate your expectations, and don't let anyone take you for granted. Sharing experiences and exchanging advice and services is great, but remember to always set a limit for services, which, in principle, can be charged for in a professional context. Don't ask for services that you would not be comfortable providing. Also, don't expect much for free, especially in a professional setting.

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