Considering moving to Australia from Malta... any help pls?

Hello everyone

I'm Maggie from Malta and and me and my husband are very much interested in moving to Melbourne, Australia. 
Since we're 36 years old, we can't seem to apply for a work and holiday visa which makes it a bit harder for us to find a job there before actually moving. 

Do you have any tips on how to start? Do you know of any agent that helps Maltese citizens to move to Australia?  We would like to find a job and a property for rent beforehand if it's possible.

Would really appreciate any feedback!



Welcome to the forum Maggie

Depending on your fields of expertise, experience and qualifications, there may be work in Oz for you both.
Go online and check out websites for work. Read other threads here on the Oz forum.
There is a list of preferred skills that the Govt are seeking.
Go to 'Discover' at the top of this page and check out the Australia guide there.
Try this site for information

I would not bother with agents as they can be expensive and no guarantee of getting a visa. Find a position online and the employer will be responsible for visa applications.


Thanks for the reply.
Unfortunately all the vacancies websites always include a note to be already Australian citizen so maybe someone knows about recruitment companies for people wishing to migrate?


Plenty of employment agencies who deal in international positions. But you will need good qualifications, work experience etc.  are two sites for work in Australia.  have you tried typing in
........ jobs australia   in your search engine, the gap being job type.

Don't get disillusioned. It will take many months to find a job. You are up against the fact that the job market is buoyant and companies want someone to start straight away. So locals get the position. Also there is a high dollar cost and a long time frame to get visas for expats.

Yeah so I guess it would be easier to get a holiday visa and look for jobs then... It might be better to get a nominated visa rather than independent one I would assume.

I just need to get an indication of how much all this will cost. Even property wise...

The govt website will give you the costs.
Property  prices/costs vary from state to state so a good old Google search will help.

Ok thanks ... Will get researching 😉

I hate to break it to you , but unless one of you holds an Australian citezenship or permanent residency already ,it's going to be very hard to move.


How do you come to that conclusion? You do not need citizenship or residency to get work in Australia.
Perhaps give some information as to why you think this.

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