Adjusting to the local culture in Miami

Adjusting to the local culture in Miami
Updated 2021-07-30 14:40

Miami may be one of the smallest major cities in the US (by land area) — however, it's also one of the fastest-growing cities in the country (when it comes to population). If you are planning to move to Miami, you will be met by gorgeous beaches, friendly locals and all-year-round summer. However, there is so much more to this city than sand and sunshine. Here are a few tips for adjusting to your new life in Miami.

People and language

Miami is the second most populated city in the state of Florida — after Jacksonville. Home to over 488,000 people, Miami is constantly growing. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, the city has seen a large influx of new residents from the Northeast, Midwest and Pacific Northwest as the lockdown regulations in the city were lifted much earlier than in the neighboring areas.

This is why you may expect central city areas to be densely populated and often crowded.

The largest ethnic group in Miami are Hispanic (making up over 72% of the population). And while English remains the official language in the city, Spanish is spoken by over 60% of the population. Depending on your command of English and/or Spanish, you may want to take some language classes before moving to the city — this would be of great help when navigating your new environment. Additionally, you may also enroll in language courses while in Miami. In addition to improving your knowledge of English/Spanish, this would also be a great way to network with fellow expats.

Culture and lifestyle

Miami has a remarkably diverse culture that comes through in every little detail: from architecture to food and beyond.

If you are a fan of dining out, you will find all the cuisines of the world well represented in Miami. A simple walk by the row of the city's beach cafes will give you a taste of some of the best dishes from around the world.

Living in Miami is a great way to experience other cultures. Here, you can meet people from all over the world and completely immerse yourself in a different way of life in the city's ethnic neighborhoods like Little Havana or Little Haiti.

The city's architecture, food, people, languages and more all reflect its multicultural character.

Miami is home to a stunning Art Deco district with over 800 buildings.

Health and fitness in Miami

One of the things that may strike you about Miami is how conscious a lot of the city's residents are about their health. You will find lots of gyms, yoga studios and wellness eateries in almost every Miami neighborhood. You will see people jogging in the morning, exercising in parks and will have plenty of motivation to keep to a healthy routine.

Exciting nightlife

Beach adjacent neighborhoods in Miami are great destinations for party-goers. A multitude of bars and clubs open their doors after sunset and offer lots of options to unwind after a busy day. This also makes Miami a great place to meet people and everyone tends to be more relaxed and laid back than in other big US cities.

Weather and beaches

Last but in no way least, Miami is a tourist destination for a reason. The city has a pleasantly warm climate (even though some might find the summers to be too humid), beautiful beaches and a generally laid back atmosphere that makes it a very coveted place to live.

Adjusting to life in Miami probably won't be a big challenge for you. This sunny city is very friendly towards newcomers and quite soon you may feel right at home. With that, feeling homesick in your first few months in a new place is perfectly normal. What might help you adjust is getting more involved in Miami life. Plus, consider joining an expat club or community in your area. These types of groups often organize meetups and tours and may also help you get adjusted to a new place.

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