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Everything you need to know to work in Miami
Working in Miami
Miami is well-known for its stunning coastline, and the city also has some of the most sought-after real estate in the South, as well as a busy port and active tourism industry. After a post-COVID-19 dip, the number of tourists grows yearly, solidifying Miami's position as a global city.
The work culture in Miami
Work culture in Miami is diverse and can vary depending on the industry and company you join. Overall, Miami embraces a fast-paced and dynamic work environment. People often value efficiency, collaboration, and adaptability. While professionalism in Miami is key, the city's vibrant lifestyle also seeps into the workplace, contributing to a more relaxed and open atmosphere than other major cities.
Internship in Miami
Are you dreaming of doing an internship in the heavenly scope of Miami, under the sun and palm trees? Discover tips for finding internships and information on the formalities to acquire professional experience in Miami.
The labour market in Miami
Miami is a large city in the southeast of the United States and part of the biggest metropolitan area in the state of Florida. The city itself is home to over 430,000 people and is a popular tourist destination in the United States, with over 26 million people visiting the city in 2022 alone. 
Setting up a business in the USA
Lots of people dream about being their own boss and starting their own business. The United States is famous for the "American Dream", the idea that if you have a good idea and work hard, you can be successful. That's why many aspiring entrepreneurs see the US as the perfect place to kickstart their ventures. Fun fact: almost half of the Fortune 500 companies were started by immigrants or their kids. 
Become a digital nomad in the United States
It's hard to find a digital nomad out there who doesn't have a road trip through the US on their bucket list. The third-largest country in the world has a lot to offer its visitors — from the thriving innovation-driven environment to the incredible coastline and world-famous sightseeing. Before you hop on the plane, there are a few pesky details to take care of, like sorting out visas and taxes and making sure you've got a good internet connection.
Job candidates in Miami
Pascaline ANGÈLE
Permanent contract
Added on 08/05/2024
Chef de partie
Permanent contract
Added on 06/07/2023
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