Moving to the USA

Moving to the USA
Updated 2010-03-16 06:58

After you made it to get either a Visa or a Green card you are by far not done! For most people this fist few weeks seem to be very confusing and stressful, but don't worry after you have been overcoming the beginners hurdles you will truly enjoy the adventure USA!

Believe me I have been there!

Fist thing you will need is to open up a bank account

Most banks require a Social Security Number and assuming that you haven't received on yet but still need to open up the account I would recommend to either use Citibank or Bank of America, both banks can set you up with a free savings or checking account within an hour without a SS Card!

Apply for Social Security Card 10 business days after Arrival

Do not go earlier since this might put you back in line. You will need your passport, the Visa as the I 94 document!

Apply for the States Drivers License within the guidelines

Although you might own an INT. Drivers License you still will need to apply for a States License. This can be as easy as just a transferral and as difficult as a Road and Knowledge Test. Check with your local Motor Vehicle Commission regarding the guidelines. Being caught without a valid state license can be considered as a crime and you might need to go in front of court or explain you situation. The fee then might be small but imagine all the inconveniences!

Purchasing or Renting a House

Get started already before your arrival with searching for some homes you like. Renting is a good idea for the start until you know the area better. Be prepared that a Credit Report is requested by most landlords and since you just arrived this might cause some difficulties.

Applying for a mortgage can also cause some major problems, therefor I would recommend to build upa credit history as soon as possible and avoid cash payments.

Helpful websites

I will keep posting helpful hints here also in future but you always can send me an email I will be glad to help!

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