Meeting people in Toronto

Comment élargir son cercle social à Toronto
Updated 2019-07-01 09:56

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If there's an attack in a part of the city, for instance, when you didn't even know about it, someone in your network can easily reach out to you and warn you not to go to that part of the city. If you wish to have your wedding, birthdays, naming ceremonies, etc., you will need people to attend. If you don't have a network of friends, you will find out that on your great day you will be all alone with no one attending your event. There may also be times when you need a loan, big or small, your network can be there to assist you. A network will tell you the best schools to enrol your kids, the best places to do your shopping, the best streets to live in, etc. Your network will help you in more ways than one. It is why having a network whether social or professional is a most for everyone intending to live in Toronto ' and anywhere else for that matter!

Online platforms

A social network is a network of people you build mainly to support your social life. They share the same interests as you and probably have the same values. There are many ways to build a social network. It could be online, on social networking apps or offline through a community of friends.

To build a social network online, you need to set up a profile on some of the most popular social networking platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Flickr, etc. After signing up, update your profile to reflect your interests, with a beautiful profile picture and as much information about you as possible. Once this is done, you can start to add up people. You will add those you regularly speak with as well as those who you have met briefly at the company's canteen. You can add those you have met at church, for example, reconnect with old contacts as well as with friends of your friends. You should regularly make posts and comment on other people's posts as time permits you; interact with your friends through the social network's messaging apps or where such separate apps are not provided you make direct messages to anyone you wish to talk to.

Over time you will gain more and more friends, and if you are lucky you could even grow to become a social media 'influencer'. Whether you become an influencer or not is not important, the fact that you can develop long lasting friendships from these platforms is of most paramount importance.

Tips for expanding your network

  • To build a social network offline by building a community of friends, you start with showing interests in others. You can only make friends by being friendly. With that established these are some of the ways you can build a community offline:
  • Attend conferences, business summits, trade fairs, expositions and ensure you meet new people, make acquaintances of as many as possible take their contacts and stay in touch.
  • Get involved in your community. Volunteer, join a cause you believe in, participate in the local politics by supporting a candidate that appeals to you, and that shares your values or engage in any activity that will get you to come into contact with people that share your interests and people who may also get to look up to you for leadership.
  • Throw a party. Invite all your contacts to all your parties from birthdays to get together and reunions. Ask your connections to invite their friends too and make sure that you speak with all attendees. Exchange contacts with them and stay in touch.
  • Join a gym. So many people visit a gym. Some could end up becoming your friends!
  • Honour invitations: do not decline any invitation you get to attend weddings, birthday parties and anniversaries except there's a fundamental reason not to. You must remember that your reason for attending is to develop your social network. Hence you must not remain seated at your table. Move around and network. Make friends and make sure your friendship extends beyond the venue.
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