Moving to South Korea

Updated 2017-10-05 14:14

If you are planning to move to South Korea, you should take enough time to choose the right moving company. It is an important step that should not be taken lightly. A moving expert can visit your home to assess the volume of items you wish to send abroad. You will have to specify which items require special care, such as kitchenware or art pieces. You can save money by disassembling pieces of furniture yourself and packing your dishes or smaller items into boxes.

Find the right moving company

If you want to hire a moving company to ship your belongings overseas, you should include the following things in your request:

  • Address of departure. Where should the items be picked up?
  • Arrival address in South Korea. What is the exact address of your new home? (In both Latin and Korean letters preferably.)
  • Volume. How many items/boxes/kilograms will you send?
  • Type of transport. Do you prefer a quick shipment via airmail or a cheaper but slower delivery via ship?
  • The pros of the company. Why should you choose this moving company?
  • Price. What is the estimated total price? Are there any promotions/discounts available?

While most international moving companies send your belongings directly to your new home, some deliver the shipment to a central storage location. This involves additional costs and hassles to transport them from the storage point to the final destination. Therefore, it is advised to ask about the way of transport and routing conditions before signing a contract.

List and evaluate your belongings

Once you have found a reliable moving company, you should make a comprehensive list of all of your belongings to determine the total value of your items. This value document will allow you to claim compensation in case of loss or damage. You fill out the value statement yourself specifying the overall value of your belongings as well as the value of some assets, which could exceed the contractual value limit. You cannot hire an international moving company without this type of value statement.

Moving insurance

Additionally, the moving company will offer insurance that covers unpredictable transport damage of your property in relation to the value specified in your statement. The insurance cost depends on the total value of the items shipped. You will also receive an insurance certificate from the company for your records.

The transportation of your belongings

A consignment letter has to be checked and signed during loading at the origin location and delivery at your destination. This consignment letter states the terms of the contract, the mode of transport, the volume of items shipped, the customer's name, and address as well as details of the shipping company. By signing this letter, you will be giving the moving company the green light to transport your belongings until the end of the contract at the destination.


Most international moving companies also take care of all other related paperwork on your behalf, such as customs clearance. For additional security, you can opt for an affiliate of the International Federation of International Movers.

Good to know:

You are advised to check in advance with the South Korean Embassy or Consulate about moving internationally. You also have to be aware of specific regulations for prohibited items.

Useful links:

FEDEMAC - Federation of European Movers
FIDI - The International Federation of International Movers

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