COVID-19 and expatriation in South Korea

Hello everybody,

The COVID-19 crisis inevitably impacts South Korea, between closed airports or periods of containment in some cities or even the entire country .
We would like to hear from you during this unusual period, to find out what the consequences of this pandemic are on your expatriation or expatriation project in South Korea.

Does the current crisis call into question your long-term expatriation project?
If you are already settled in South Korea, do you plan to return to your home country?

How are you living through such an uncertain period, especially if you are far from your loved ones?

Have any of you ended your expatriation in South Korea unexpectedly?

Paradoxically, has this crisis brought you closer to some people?

What are your plans for the future?

Thank you very much for your feedback.

Hope you are doing well.


👋 Hi, you want to know how this Covid 19 is affecting me and my expatriation for South Korea.....   Atm I’m still in Australia.. We have lockdowns, social distancing etc here, as well as travel bans, domestically and internationally..  And I don’t like it... I know it’s for the good, no one wants to get sick 🤒. 
I had planned to go to South Korea this month (I would be there now if this outbreak didn’t happen) for a holiday and to see about what the job market is like etc..  When South Korea got hit with the Outbreak 😷 I sadly had to postpone it, put it back to September..  This month I’m really feeling the emotional 😭 strain for I want to travel 🧳 and be where I want to be..  Each day I’m hearing more news that to travel even later in the year might not happen.. (with international flights being grounded til end of the year- so there goes my trip to s.Korea in September, as well my planned trip to Hawaii In July for my Bday)..  I don’t do well having to stay In the town where I am for long periods of time..   
My future plans, That is a  big question, since all my future plans felt like it went out the window cos of the 😷 outbreak. I planned to go move to South Korea 🇰🇷 next year around April, and I hope to try get a job there.. but... Since reading one of the articles you guys put in about the job market after the outbreak and how the economy will affect it, I feel my chances of achieving a job will be so much harder now cos of it, and my plan to be able to live there is limited and more like diminished...  Kinda feeling defeated 😕 and 😩 hopeless about it all...  I  not going to give up.. I thinking of just pushing it back sadly.. I prob try go to S. Korea in April next year for a holiday and see my chances of what the job market is etc, and if zi know I still have a chance I might move around July next year... I just hope things get better in the world so I know I can move on and able to live and work in S.Korea.

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