Pregnancy and maternity care in India

Updated 2020-06-03 07:16

Having your baby in a foreign country can seem like an intimidating task, but with the right information, you can very well understand the various birth options available in India.

The healthcare system for pregnant women in India

There are both private and public sector birth hospitals available in India. Both of these sectors offer different advantages. The public hospitals offer universal costs, though they can be crowded, and their care system can be more generalised. In public hospitals, the doctor available on duty generally attends the delivery of the baby and not the one that mother was usually seeing during prenatal care. The private hospitals, on the other hand offer more personalised care, and a cleaner, less crowded environment. Private hospitals are more expensive, but the mother's concerns are more readily heard in this setup.

The cost of having a baby in India

Since India has a universal healthcare system, public hospitals offer universal costs. Though most expats prefer private facilities due to more personalised care. A birth in a private hospital costs around Rs 15,000-75,000 for a regular birth and Rs 25,000-2,00,000 for a C-section birth.

Insurance for pregnancy in India

It is important to consider your finances before choosing the birth option of your choice. A good medical insurance can help you finance your baby costs. You should check with the hospital facility whether they accept your insurance beforehand. Most medical health insurance can cover up to Rs 50.000 of birth costs.

Finding an OBGYN in India

To choose the right OB/GYN, expat mothers can consult their local embassy for a list of English speaking doctors. They can also ask for positive recommendations from their friends or on expat forums. It is always wise to ask your doubts and questions before committing to one OB/GYN. This will not only help you understand the various medical protocols involved but will also help you judge the doctor's behaviour- whether they are helpful and kind with their patients.

Postnatal care in India

After being discharged from the hospital, the mother can book 2, 4 and 6-week checkups for her baby. In Indian culture, the mothers are given a specific diet after giving birth which includes foods rich with clarified butter and fenugreek. The baby is also given regular massages by a caregiver or a hired masseuse. In their first year, babies must visit hospitals regularly for their weight checkups and immunisations.

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