Advice on Medical Services Please

Hi all,

Find myself in urgent need of a kidney operation, but on very limited funds! Any advice or recommendations (ideally based on personal experience) would be very much appreciated. Location is less important than cost/services.

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Hi Ken.

Is it possible to travel for you to India...In that case i will ask for a help to my brother in law who is a Dr.

May be you can try at Apollo hospitals in Chennai...I pray for you to get well soon...



Hi Raja

many thanks for your kind response and concern.

Yes, I am living in Thailand but would like treatment in India - based on both cost and personal preference of physicians.

I had seen the adverts for Apollo hospitals, but considered them too expensive. Was wondering if someone with local knowledge could suggest or recommend more affordable treatment facilities. If you could help with this, I'd be very grateful.

Kind Regards,


Hi Ken,

As you told Apollo is pretty expensive..

Can you mail me your reports, So that i will try to do something better for you.

Not an issue.



Hi Raja

Thanks again for your help.

To give you some history, I had a partial nephrectomy about 25 years ago after experiencing severe pain in my right kidney. This was found to be the result of a congenital condition causing restricted flow and consequent swelling.

A recent ultrasound scan following similar pains has revealed extreme swelling of the remaining right kidney due to restricted flow, but no stones. My left kidney appears to be functioning normally.

The response from doctors here has been the prescription of pain killers and deference of remedial surgery until the condition worsens. I find this inaction unacceptable and am seeking a more proactive approach.

I have previously spent time in India and have great respect for both the medical profession and facilities there. As mentioned before though, cost is of paramount importance so I am also seeking a reasonable standard of healthcare on a very tight budget.

Again, I am very grateful for any assistance or advice you can provide. 

kind regards,