Chicken Pox!

Hi everyone,

Its been 8 years since I am in India,my 10 years old son had chicken pox for the first time in his life,now its been the 5th day,on the very first sign of chicken pox I brought him to his doctor and he confirm it,he prescribe some medicine,now he is ok doing fine,very energetic,he feels boring at home only watching tv.

What I want to know is that different culture has different belief etc,as here plenty of compromises.
I have put him on 3 days fast of no oil,spices etc,only vegetables soup,raw vegetables juice,herbal green tea and he is alright now,very few blisters which is already dried up,please share your experiences with me!!



Sometimes strong urge of mind and belief can bring out result with positive energy, But I believe that Doctor also play effective role with medication to kill such disease. I guess as I am told by my parents that this disease occur once in life to everyone after that you get immune with some pimple scar somewhere around your body.
But I wish that your son has speedy recovery with good health and bright future.

Hi Sachingoel,

Thanks for sharing your experience with me,yes the doctor role with medication to kill such contagious disease is very important as the first sign of chicken pox,we should take action otherwise those blisters breakup and the fluid which is full of bacteria spread everywhere and another person get catch of this disease but in our case it was not like that,thank god we consult the doctor A.S.A.P and he prescribed his medication.Now he is alright and join school already today!



Unfortunately, once you have chicken pox as a youngster, the virus goes dormant.  As you get older you have a great chance of getting shingles from the same virus. 

You can read about it on

Chicken pox comes only once in life.I advice you to apply neem leaves on the body of your child.It will cure...ask him to drink lot of water....The virus leaves with 15-20 days.After complete curing, apply turmeric to his body and make him bath...

Hi Dave,

Thanks for this great piece of information and the link,which I did check on it.

It brings me shiver when I read that its dormant and come back when we get older,that's really something to think about it and scary too.

Hi Chodimella,

Thank you for sharing your experiences with me,now he is alright thank god not so much blisters occured.

I did the same and exact what you have instructed me but to my surprise the doctor told me that it should not be getting wet means water,but after using this neem leaves water in 3 days it started drying out, otherwise it would have spread everywhere when the blisters broke and the fluid spread everywhere.